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Wetlands, Floodplains and River Corridors: A Case Study in Arlington

This past summer, the Batten Kill Alliance was preparing to undertake habitat restoration work in the Batten Kill in Arlington. They learned that they might impact a jurisdictional wetland, and the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources required that those wetlands be delineated. To assist them, BCRC mapped the wetlands and provided a report to VT ANR that allowed the Alliance’s project to proceed.

The BCRC and the Alliance are using the results to show the relationship of the Batten Kill to a floodplain forest, a natural community mapped on the site, the Special Flood Hazard Area mapped by the Federal Emergency Management Area, and the river corridor delineated by the VT ANR Rivers Management Program. The study will describe how the wetland was mapped and where that wetland and floodplain forest fall within the Special Flood Hazard Area and river corridor on this site.