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Water Quality Standards

The Department of Environmental Conservation has proposed structural changes to the water quality standards. The main areas being revised include how the state's water resources are classified with Water Management Types (A1, B1, A2, B2) and the development of an Antidegradation Rule.

Water Management Types outline the uses that a water body is expected to support such as boating, swimming, fishing, or enjoyment of aesthetic use, as well as the water quality measures that need to be maintained in terms of nutrient concentrations.

The Antidegradation Rule is being modified for consistency with the Federal approach , meaning that waters should be managed in a way that ensures that discharges do not result in the quality of waters being diminished to minimally acceptable levels.

For more information and related documents go to this webpage.

Comments to the proposed rules can be made to Neil Kamman at the Watershed Management Division through September 7.