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Vermont Clean Water Initiative

The Clean Water Fund Board recommended spending $10.4 million to reduce nutrient pollution in Vermontís waterways.†The funds will be administered by state agencies in 2016 and 2017 once the legislature approves the plan during the upcoming session.†Nutrient pollution carried in runoff can fuel excessive plant and algae growth in Vermontís waters, such as blue green algae blooms in Lake Champlain.

Over the past few decades, water pollution from runoff and erosion has increased in significance in Vermont and nationwide, and is now a critical concern. †The signing of Act 64, the Vermont Clean Water Act, by Governor Shumlin last June signified a growing public recognition of the stateís water quality problems.

The Vermont Clean Water Act created the Clean Water Fund, a dedicated source of clean water funding, from an increase in the property transfer tax. †These funds will be used to target priority activities that restore or protect clean water.

The Clean Water Fund Board directs the fundís use and is comprised of the secretaries of Administration; Agriculture, Food and Markets; Commerce and Community Development; Natural Resources; and Transportation. Funding allocations have been identified to support control of Stormwater runoff, municipal road inventories and plans, direct grants to farmers, river channel and floodplain restoration work, and other activities.

If you would like more information about the Clean Water Fund, the Board, or the Allocation Priorities, check out the website: cleanwater.vermont.gov/.