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VTrans Establishes Chain-up Areas for Trucks on VT 9 in Bennington and Wilmington

The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) has implemented truck chain-up areas in both Bennington and Wilmington, in order to better serve the needs of motorists traveling on Vermont Route 9 and to help alleviate winter weather related traffic tie-ups resulting from tractor trailer units not equipped with tire chains. VTrans has placed message boards on all routes leading to Bennington and Wilmington and will activate them if winter weather travel advisories are in effect on VT 9. The chain-up area in Bennington is at the Welcome Center, located just north of town on VT 279, where truckers are requested to either put tire chains on their trucks to travel VT 9 or park and wait out the storm. There is currently room for approximately 15 trucks at this location.