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Transportation Alternatives Program Grants

The Vermont Agency of Transportation is pleased to announce that they are now accepting applications for the Transportation Alternatives Program. This year, roughly 50% of the TAP funding is reserved for Environmental Mitigation projects relating to stormwater and highways. The Program provides funding for the following eligible activities:
(A) Construction, planning, and design of on-road and off-road facilities for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other nonmotorized forms of transportation;
(B) Construction, planning, and design of projects that will provide safe routes for non-drivers, including children, older adults, and individuals with disabilities to access daily needs.
(C) Conversion and use of abandoned railroad corridors for trails for pedestrians, bicyclists, or other non-motorized transportation users.
(D) Construction of turnouts, overlooks, and viewing areas.
(E) Community improvement activities, including rehabilitation of historic transportation facilities, vegetation management practices to improve road safety, control invasive species, and provide erosion control, and certain archaeological activities.
(F) Any environmental mitigation activity, including pollution prevention and abatement activities and mitigation to address stormwater management related to highway construction or runoff; and reducing vehicle-caused wildlife mortality or restoration and maintenance of connectivity among terrestrial or aquatic habitats.
(G) The Safe Routes to School Program.

Contact Mark Anders for more information.