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Sunderland and Sandgate Stormwater Planning

The BCRC recently received a $48,000 Ecosystem Restoration Grant to prepare Stormwater Master Plans for the towns of Sunderland and Sandgate. Fitzgerald Environmental Associates (FEA, based in Colchester, Vermont, has been contracted to assist the Commission in the development of the master plans. These Stormwater Master Plans will identify, map, evaluate, and prioritize sites requiring improvements to manage runoff and mitigate impacts. The plans also provide a framework for the town highway departments to identify specific projects and costs through preparation of five year capital improvement plans.

With the passage of The Clean Water Act came the requirement that all municipalities develop a Municipal Road General permit to be adopted in 2018 and implemented over a five year period. The Municipal Road General Permit will require towns to inventory culverts and drainage ditches and perform erosion risk analysis on all roads with connectivity to surface waters and wetlands. The BCRC currently is mapping stormwater infrastructure in the towns and will provide this data to FEA. These Stormwater Master Plans will form the initial framework of the Municipal Road General Permits.