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Sunderland Initiates Safe Roads Study

The Town of Sunderland was awarded a State Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Grant to perform a scoping study that will evaluate potential safety and mobility improvements along Sunderland Hill Road and Hill Farm Road. There are several residential neighborhoods, an elementary school, the town office building and other important destinations along this corridor, but conditions are not ideal for pedestrian or bicycle use. This study will look at alternative on-road and off-road improvements that may be implemented by the town in the future.

The study is being overseen by a local steering committee and the Dufresne Group has been retained as the project consultant with BCRC serving as the local project manager. Ideas expressed during a recent local concerns meeting will be incorporated into the analysis of alternatives that will be reviewed at the next public meeting.

For more information about bicycle-pedestrian programs and funding, contact Mark Anders at the BCRC: (manders@bcrcvt.org).