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Submitting Electronic Copies of Plans and Bylaws

The Department of Housing and Community Development has provided straightforward directions for required submissions of proposed and adopted plans and bylaws. Vermont municipalities are required to provide DHCD with copies of the first hearing notice and any proposed municipal plan or bylaw and also to send the final adopted versions.  By submitting the documents in a searchable digital format, DHCD can build a useful database for plan and bylaw research.

  1. Go to www.vpic.info to access the Plan and Bylaw Adoption Tools.
  2. Complete the reporting form if required and complete all the steps as detailed in the Town Clerk’s Certification
  3. For the required submission to the DHCD:
    a. create a searchable PDF of the proposed plan, bylaw or amendment (instructions)
    b. email it to Annina Seiler with the hearing notice and report
  4. When the plan, bylaw or amendment is adopted, create a searchable PDF and email it to Annina Seiler
  5. Per 24 V.S.A. § 4445, a copy of the adopted version should also be sent to the BCRC and made available to the public in the town clerk’s office.