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State Plan for Wildlife Protection

Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department recently released a draft Wildlife Action Plan that lays out the stateís strategic vision for conserving species during the next ten years.†The plan assesses the health of Vermontís wildlife and wild lands, identifies the problems they face, and outlines the actions needed to conserve them for the long term.

According to the department, the planís goal is to keep common species common while promoting additional conservation actions for species on the brink, to prevent them from slipping towards threatened or endangered status.

Newer challenges to wildlife conservation include a changing and unpredictable climate, emerging infectious diseases such as white-nose syndrome in bats, and additional threats to pollinators like bees and butterflies, the department says.

The department is seeking comment on the plan until November 8, 2015. You can email comments to: ANR.FW.WildlifeActionPlan@vermont.gov