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Shoreland Protection Act Jurisdiction

Vermontís Watershed Management Division has provided some clarification regarding the jurisdiction of the Shoreland Protection Act, particularly as it pertains to impoundments on rivers. The official list of lakes greater than 10 acres in size includes a number of reservoirs throughout the state. It is expected that those that were identified on the list will continue to be under the jurisdiction of the Act and that the initial list may have inadvertently omitted some smaller lakes/ponds over 10 acres in size which should have been included.†The Lakes & Ponds Management and Protection Program will continue to make every effort to provide accurate information on their website and make corrections when errors or omissions come to their attention.

At this time, and pending further review by the Department of Environmental Conservation, it should not be assumed that the Act regulates creation of impervious surfaces and cleared areas along streams/rivers.†The jurisdiction of the Act is limited to the protected shoreland area along Vermontís lakes, ponds and reservoirs with a surface area of greater than 10 acres.