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Resilience and Adaptation in New England Database

The Resilience and Adaptation in New England (RAINE) web page is now available. This database catalogs activities in more than 100 jurisdictions in New England addressing flooding, heat, extreme weather events, sea level rise and more. You can use the database to learn from others, research actions that are being taken at the state, regional, or community level, and share actions that you are taking to address climate change.

Recent enhancements to the database include:

  • New categories for: stormwater, green infrastructure, coastal infrastructure, and small septic systems;
  • Detailed information about how to search for documents;
  • Definitions are integrated into the search function as well as in the definition page for: topics, impacts, and plans and products; and
  • Hazard mitigation plan status for New England communities can be found in the resource section of the web page.

EPA is interested in hearing from you. If there’s something that’s missing or something that should be changed, let them know.  You can use the “contact us” from the web page or call:
Trish Garrigan
Ivy Mlsna
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