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Public Service Department Releases Net Metering Report

Net metering requires electric utilities to permit an individual customer or group of individual customers (referred to as group net metering) to generate their own power using small-scale renewable energy systems and qualified combined heat and power systems using non-renewable fuels. The excess power they generate can be fed back to their utilities.

Act 99 of the 2014 Vermont legislative session directed the Public Service Department to complete an evaluation of net metering in Vermont and file the resulting report with the Public Service Board. This report, filed Oct 1, 2014, builds directly from the report completed by the Department in January 2013 pursuant to Act 125 of the 2012 legislative session, updating assumptions and methodology as appropriate. The Department’s model estimates the costs and benefits incurred as a result of any single net metering installation installed in 2015 or a later year. A second available spreadsheet calculates the coincidence of net metered systems to each utility's peak, a critical component used in estimating benefits of net metered systems.