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Northshire Economic Development Strategy

The Northshire Economic Development Strategy (NEDS) brought together Manchester, Dorset and Manchester Village to discuss and plan the economic future of the Northshire area. This project was led by a diverse Steering Committee made up of representatives from each of the communities. The BCRC was hired to coordinate the study and to produce substantial elements of the project, working in conjunction with Camoin Associates of Saratoga Springs, NY.

The goal of the Northshire Economic Development Strategy is “To create a vibrant environment that encourages people to both live and work in the Northshire.” From the inception of the project, BCRC and Camoin worked with the steering committee and community partners to build a strategy based upon the principles of “economic gardening,” which looks to build a local economy by focusing upon inherent strengths already present.

The project was completed in February and presented at a well-attended public meeting at the Long Trail School. The project Steering Committee, with the assistance of BCRC, will remain in place to help guide the implementation of the strategy working with municipalities and other area economic and community development partners. The full NEDS report is available here.