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New Roundabout on Northside Drive

The BCRC strongly advocated for construction of a new roundabout on Route 7A in Bennington as part of the Act 250 review of the new Wal-Mart plaza. Traffic analyses completed for the BCRC indicated that a roundabout would be the most effective way to manage through traffic and access to adjacent commercial properties along the regionís busiest section of highway. Construction of the roundabout was completed in mid-August and has been operating as expected, reducing vehicle delays and idling, improving safety, and facilitating crossing of the intersection for pedestrians and bicycles.

The BCRC and the Town of Bennington have cooperated on a number of planning and scoping studies along the VT 7A/67A corridor and have developed concept plans for roundabouts at three other key intersections. One of those, at a well-known high crash location at the 67A/Silk Rd/College Drive/ Matteson Rd intersection, is the subject of a renewed effort by the Town, Bennington College, the Village of North Bennington, and the BCRC to expedite a project to replace the skewed 5-way intersection with a roundabout. This project is seen as particularly important now due to new commercial construction in the area and the development of the multiuse Ninja Trail that will cross the highway at the intersection.