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National Forest Comprehensive Trail Strategy

The United States Forest Service has developed a Comprehensive Trail Strategy to provide guidance and recommendations for the sustainable management of nonmotorized and motorized trails across the Green Mountain National Forest (GMNF). The purpose of the Strategy is to enable the Forest Service to efficiently and effectively respond to stakeholder requests, address capacity concerns; and comply with the 2006 GMNF Land and Resource Management Plan Goal #12: “Complete comprehensive trail planning for 100 % of the Forest to provide sustainable, diverse, and quality trail experiences.”

This Strategy provides a cumulative look at the GMNF trail system while providing guidance and direction to inform trail managers on future management decisions. The Strategy will serve as a guidance document for developing an environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable trail system. Developing a sustainable trail system will take into account safety, ecology, and staff and volunteer resources in the context of current and predicted trail needs and desires.