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Municipal Planning Grants

The online application for the FY16 Municipal Planning Grant (MPG) program is available. A little over $457,00 will be distributed statewide and up to $20,000 will be awarded to eligible municipalities chosen through a competitive selection process. See the FY16 MPG Program Description for details on eligibility, funding and the competitive criteria. Grant applications are due September 30. A wide range of municipal planning activities are eligible for funding but projects that fit into one of the following priorities will have a higher likelihood of receiving grant funds:

  • Municipal Plan updates for the purpose of:
    Addressing inconsistencies with statewide planning goals or the Regional Plan
  • Bylaw updates for the purpose of:
    Correcting clear conflicts with the Municipal Plan and/or Implementing the flood resilience recommendations of the Municipal Plan
  • Special Projects for Designated Areas (Downtowns, Village Centers, New Town Centers, Neighborhood Development Areas or Growth Centers).

All applications must be submitted through the state’s online grants management system. You are strongly urged to develop the application off-line first. Please be sure to use the step-by-step Application Instructions and the Sample Application, located on the MPG webpage to work out the details of your project before beginning the process online.