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Local Emergency Operations Plans Due Before May 1

Local Emergency Operations Plans (LEOP) need to be updated and approved by municipal legislative bodies between Town Meeting Day and May 1, 2017. The template and format will remain the same as last year and can be used as the basis for this year's update. There will be an additional, optional annex related to continuity of operations planning (known as "COOP"). With or without a LEOP, this is a very useful concept to consider - how you would keep your local government operations running in case of incident or emergency, whether a cyberattack, server crash, severe illness among key staff, water or wastewater plant failure, or other unexpected event.

Please remember that having an updated, adopted LEOP is a prerequisite for certain State grants and funding programs. LEOPs must also be certified and signed by a Town Manager/Administrator, Town Selectboard Chair, or Village Trustees President, and that person must have taken either ICS 100 or 402. ICS 100 can be taken online and you can contact Allison Strohl at the BCRC, for further information, or for assistance with updating your LEOP.