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Green Mountain National Forest Schedule of Proposed Actions

The Green Mountain National Forest has provided the following summary of proposed actions for the Manchester Ranger District. For more information, follow the links indicated or contact the Manchester GMNF office at: 802-362- 2307.

Branch Pond Trail Relocation
Description: Relocate approximately 1 mile of Branch Pond Trail out of three significant state wetlands. A combination of trail relocations, puncheons and drainage structures construction will take place.
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Prospect Mountain Nordic Trail Improvement
Description: Upgrade and repair the Upper Loose Moose, Mountain, Hawthorne, Shea's and Danish Delight Nordic ski trails. Work includes the removal of boulders, removing 10 trees, installation of nine culverts, and some widening and short reroutes of trails.
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Woodford Lake Estates Snowmobile Trails
Description: Designate 1.7 miles of existing snowmobile trail located on a powerline, FR 280, and an access trail. Grade trail tread, and install water bars, ditches and 2 culverts. Remove snowmobile use on 4 miles of Forest Trail 393 (the Dome Trail).
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