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Green Mountain National Forest—Proposed Actions

The following actions are proposed within the Manchester District of the Green Mountain National Forest. Refer to the associated links for more details.

Release and prune living apple trees in 17 separate standsProject 47317
Rehabilitate roads and trails within the Glastenbury WildernessProject 48513
Relocate approximately 1 mile of Branch Pond Trail out of three wetlandsProject 48494
Relocate power line corridor along North, Savage and Mad Tom RoadsProject 38927
Hapgood/Utley Mountain Bike Trail DesignationProject 49271
Prospect Mountain Nordic Trail ImprovementContact: Jennifer Edmonds 802-767-4261 x529
Red Pine Landowners Association Road and Green Mountain Power PowerlineProject 44869
South of Route 9 Integrated Resource ProjectProject 43088
Woodford Lake Estates Snowmobile Trail Additions ProjectProject 49272