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Forest Stewardship Atlas

As part of a statewide forest stewardship project funded by The U.S. Forest Service, BCRC, along with several other regional planning commissions and The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, has developed a forest stewardship centric web platform called the Vermont Forest Stewardship Atlas.

The purpose of the Forest Stewardship Atlas is to provide access to geographic data related to forests. Over 50 forestry related databases are organized into six different themes: Productivity, Ecological Resources, Human and Environmental Constraints, Water Resources, Scenic and Recreational Resources, and Stewardship.

This site allows you to view, identify and query the datasets; print and export maps; and output summary reports for selected geographic areas and layers. Web accessible forest stewardship data will help landowners, towns and forest managers to inventory and assess forest resources in order to more effectively manage these resources.

Having better access to and understanding of landscape scale data will assist in keeping forest land intact to maintain habitat connectivity, forest health and productivity, ecosystem quality and strong forest products based economic activity. Enjoy your exploration of this interactive atlas.

This site was developed by the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources in collaboration with Regional Planning Commissions, project management by Lamoille County Regional Planning Commission, and funding from the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service.