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Electric Vehicle Information Available

Electric vehicles are sure to be an important part of our transportation future, especially as Vermont moves toward attainment of its energy efficiency goals. Drive Electric Vermont provides a wealth of information on electric vehicles and charging stations, two of which are scheduled to be installed in Bennington in the near future. Most daily travel can easily be accomplished within an EV’s range and the fuel cost per mile is a fraction of a gasoline powered vehicle.

Moreover, the electric grid serving Vermont is exceptionally low in carbon by comparison to much of the US. As the state progresses toward its Comprehensive Energy Plan goals, upstream greenhouse gas emissions of EVs will continue to fall. On the other hand, as petroleum becomes scarcer and the energy required to extract it increases in the coming years, the total upstream greenhouse gas emissions per mile of the average gasoline vehicle is likely to grow. EVs across the board offer a substantially lower carbon footprint—and that means healthier air and environment. Electric cars are a rare sight in Bennington County at this time, but that is sure to change. Look for more information and more electric vehicles on the road soon.