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Cyber Security

Bennington County is not immune to cyber security threats. In recent years, several local businesses have been victim to computer hacking, losing irreplaceable data or having to pay a ransom. Cyber threats will become more common and frequent in the coming years as more information is stored electronically, and new methods are developed to gain access, steal data, and make money.

According to a press release from Accenture, a cyber security organization, the top five threats of 2017 include:

  • Reverse Deception Tactics – Deception tactics including anti-analysis code,
  • steganography, and expendable command-and- control servers used for concealment of stolen data.
  • Sophisticated Phishing Campaigns – Subject lines mentioning invoices, shipping, resumes, wire transfers, missed payments.
  • Strategic Use of Information Operations – Escalation of espionage and disruption activity from state-sponsored actors.
  • Alternative Crypto-Currencies – Bitcoin continues to be the currency of choice among cybercriminals, however, the need to better conceal transactions is forcing cybercriminals to either develop and leverage bitcoin laundering techniques or adopt alternative cryptocurrencies.
  • DDoS-for- Hire Services – Distributed denial of service (DDoS)-for- hire services have given way to a thriving DDoS-for- hire botnet ecosystem leading to threat actors gaining greater access to increasingly potent and affordable DDoS-for- hire tools and services.
  • To learn more about cyber security, join Todd Sears of Vermont Emergency Management at fall the Local Emergency Planning Committee 7 (LEPC 7) meeting. We will discuss the basics of cybersecurity in an easy to understand way, Types of Attacks, Penetration Methods, Vermont State Response Plans and Challenges, and Cyberhygiene. You will leave better informed, less intimidated by the subject, and entertained.

    All are welcome to attend. The meeting will be held on October 26th, at 6:00pm, location TBD. If you’d like to attend this presentation email Allison Strohl at alangsdale@bcrcvt.org. Updates and the meeting agenda will be emailed once they become available.