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BCRC Study Explores Potential for Downtown Food Market

The BCRC initiated a study, funded through VHCB’s Farm and Forest Viability Program, to assess the opportunity for a new small-footprint grocery store in downtown Bennington. The project consultant, Kitchen Table Consultants (KTC), studied the town’s current business landscape, economic trends, history, vision, and plans for the future. The local market was surveyed to determine the level of satisfaction with the current grocery supply and the level of demand for a new grocery outlet.

KTC found a clear opportunity for a small downtown grocery store in a town on the verge of blossoming re-development. With some major new development projects underway, the study concluded that it is an ideal time to take advantage of this opportunity and play a key part in Bennington’s revitalization.

Key opportunities exist to expand business and grow with this historic Vermont community as new development projects begin to take shape, and to take advantage of opportunities to benefit from significant tax incentives while meeting a clear consumer demand. The study concludes that there exists strong potential to bring specialized and local products to a receptive market.

The market may be integrated into the Putnam Block redevelopment. Its location in the center of the downtown will help spur other business development while addressing a longstanding need for an outlet for healthy food in the walkable center of the community.