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ACT Programs in the Community

The Alliance for Community Transformations (ACT) is a regional coalition of businesses, education, health care, local organizations, parents, youth and more that work on issues of public health in the greater Bennington region. Headed by Kiah Morris, ACT serves a program of BCRC’s Healthy Communities Division.

In October 2015 BCRC was awarded the national Drug-Free Communities grant to be implemented through the efforts of ACT and its partner organizations. The goal is to address the root causes of substance abuse in the region through evidence-based initiatives and strategies. Since that time, ACT has shown tremendous success in forging new collaborations and production of meaningful projects to strong acclaim.

Projects have included substance abuse prevention programming support at the middle school, partnerships with local and federal law enforcement and youth on alcohol use awareness campaigns and opiate abuse, free community intergenerational events, the 4th annual Bennington Youth Appreciation Day and community revitalization efforts in concert with the Town of Bennington. In coming months, ACT will roll out a number of new projects including coordination of parenting classes as part of the prenatal suite of offerings through SVMC, a community cohort initiative with Southern Vermont College and Bennington College and partnerships to establish a unique social enterprise business opportunity. Learn more about ACT at ACTbennington.org or search on social media for actbennington. Kiah Morris, kmorris@bcrcvt.org, 802.442.1713 x 9.