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ACT 90 Changes Plan Expiration Dates and Approval Requirements

The passage of Act 90 results in several changes to municipal planning procedures that will affect town and village plans. Municipal plans adopted after July 1, 2015 are now valid for eight years (extended from the previous five-year timeframe). Another significant change is a new requirement that communities must be “engaged in a process to implement its municipal plan,” meaning that communities seeking approval of their municipal plan by the regional planning commission must “document that it has reviewed and is actively engaged in a process to implement its adopted plan.” To do so, communities should consider the activities of local boards and commissions in relation to the policies and action items contained in the plan. When a community requests approval from BCRC, it must be accompanied by documentation of implementation efforts. The BCRC is working on a form that will make these documentation efforts as straightforward as possible.

For more information, contact Jim Sullivan at the BCRC.