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2015 Municipal Planning Grants

Awarded annually and administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development, the Municipal Planning Grant program supports local community revitalization and planning initiatives. Since 1998, the program has provided over $10 million to 230 cities and towns across Vermont to help breathe new life into communities, plan for future growth and development and improve our quality of life. This year over $475,000 was awarded to 44 municipalities across Vermont. Over $65,000 was awarded in three separate grants to municipalities in the Bennington Region:

  • Town of Bennington – Planning for Downtown Redevelopment
    State Funds Awarded: $20,000 Local Match: $6,000 Total Project Cost: $26,000. Drawing on the Vermont Downtown Action Team (V-DAT) model, the town will use grant funding to leverage an additional $42,000 in ANR brownfield funding to develop tools and plans to improve the vibrancy of the downtown through the re-development of key properties.
  • Manchester, Manchester Village, and Dorset - Economic Development Strategy
    State Funds Awarded: $35,000 Local Match: $10,000 Total Project Cost: $45,000. These three Northshire municipalities will work together to create a detailed economic development strategy and implementation plan to support the economic prosperity of the Northshire and the region.
  • Town of Pownal – Municipal Plan
    State Funds Awarded: $10,795 Local Match: $1,398 Total Project Cost: $12,193. Funds will be used to update the town plan with a particular focus on economic development, housing, municipal water needs, and protection from future floods.

The BCRC will work support each of these communities as they work on their projects. The Bennington and Northshire projects are particularly important economic development initiatives that will benefit from direct involvement of the BCRC’s Sustainable Community Development Program. By coordinating efforts through the BCRC, those initiatives will be sure to support region-wide economic development objectives. Contact Bill Colvin at the BCRC for more information about those projects or the Commission’s work in community and economic development.